Leah Braxton

CCIM, Real Estate Associate Broker

"Skip's years of experience with city government make him the most qualified candidate for mayor. We need experienced leadership to see Columbus grow."

Dr. Robert "Bob" Wright

Former Member - Columbus City Council, Chair - Bob Wright Leadership Symposium On Business Empowerment

"Political promises are easy to make, but tough to deliver. I don't need another politician making a lot of hollow promises. I want someone who understands what's possible and has the vision and courage to follow through. I believe Skip is that kind of leader."

Gary Allen

Columbus City Council District Six

“Skip is the best prepared candidate to lead Columbus as Mayor. His experience on Council and as Council Budget Chair prepares him to move Columbus forward particularly in tough times.”

Bennie Newroth

Community Leader

"Skip's dedication to the citizens of Columbus is clearly evident from his impressive 20 year tenure on City Council. From day one he's been concerned with our local projects and issues and has proven he is the real deal by rolling up his sleeves and actually working alongside our community to get things accomplished" 

Evelyn Turner Pugh

Columbus City Council District Four, Mayor Pro Tem

"Skip is a great example of representative leadership. He's a listener and a consensus builder. Under his administration, Columbus will continue to grow and citizens will feel more connected and empowered than ever before." 

Roy Plummer, Ret. (Col.)

Pastor at Faith Tabernacle Community Church, Inc.

"I support Skip Henderson for mayor because he's the best candidate to bring our community together. And I don't think any other issue is more important today."

John Shinkle

Senior V.P., Branch Manager, Stifel

“Skip loves this city. He is passionately involved in the betterment of Columbus in countless public and private efforts. He’s smart, a hard worker and leads by example. I respect him because he communicates, listens and cares with a wonderful sincerity and genuine desire to do good.”

Mike Baker

CPA, Columbus City Council District 5

“Having worked on the day-to-day details of the city budget for two terms, I can honestly say no one else has a better grasp of the city’s finances than Skip. Balancing payroll issues, infrastructure maintenance and revenue in a $275 million budget is a daunting task. No other candidate has that experience or knowledge.”

Robert Anderson

Former Division President, Citizens Trust Bank

"I've enjoyed working with Skip over the last 20 years and I deeply value his contributions and friendship. His efforts have been instrumental in revitalizing Columbus."